Fassbender Fine Art
My paintings are about color, color pairing and the interaction between calligraphy and color field. Looking at one of them what you might first notice is the layered glossy surface and a broad field of color filling a large square. The square provides me with a "given", a constant, something like a theme in music, and as in music, an invitation to see how many variations my theme can yield. The paint I use, oil enamel, has a drying time that puts it right in the middle between the faster drying acrylics and the slower drying oils. This gives me a surface that stays workable for an entire day and that I can overpaint within two or three. Whatever I do has to be done in a single day's session, and each of my paintings is developed over the course of several such sessions. What changes and what stays the same from one session to the next? In a way each day represents a whole new start - almost a whole new painting. However, there is always an impulse or concept that stays with a painting and drives it, from its very beginnings until the very end.

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